Portaltic.-FIFA 21 is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC

MADRID, October 9 (Portaltic / EP) –

Electronic Arts (EA) has launched this Friday the latest installment of its FIFA 21 football video game, which is already sold for this generation’s consoles (PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch) and also for PC for a recommended price of 69 , 99 euros.

FIFA 21 will be the first edition of the football video game franchise to arrive on the next-generation PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S consoles, which will be released in November (the 19 Sony console, the 10 Microsoft). Players of the current generation will be able to move on to the next without additional costs.

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This year, the sports video game has renewed its content with novelties in game modes such as TIME, with squads, a new mode for four players Join or enter the community with other Volta Soccer players and win as a team in cooperative matches ‘online’ five against five.

In addition, the EA Sports title has a new career mode, in which players will be able to manage a soccer team, which adds interactive simulation of match results and a renewed growth system to better manage player development. .

At the ‘game’ level, it adds new dynamic attack systems that provide more realistic movements and new features such as ‘Agile dribbling’, with more possibilities against a defender, and ‘positioning personality’, which elevates the intelligence of the player. game to match real world understanding.

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FIFA 21 includes a catalog with more than 17,000 players, more than 700 teams, more than 90 stadiums and more than 30 football leagues from around the world. Another of its novelties that the Spanish edition will have for the first time a commentator: the journalist Nira Juanco.

French footballer Kylian Mbappé, player of Paris Saint-Germain, will be the covers of the three editions of the game: the standard edition, for 69.99 euros for consoles and 59.99 on Steam; as well as the Champions Edition, for 89.99 euros on console and 79.99 on Steam; and the last edition, for 99.99 euros for consoles and 89.99 on Steam.

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