PlayStation VR for PlayStation 5 (PS5) may be able to track fingers

The PlayStation Move motion controllers were originally launched for the PlayStation 3, but in 2016 they were brought back by Sony as controllers for the PlayStation VR headset (PS4). According to recent rumors, the company is also working on a new PSVR for the PlayStation 5. A new patent also shows that Sony is looking at new ways to operate VR games.

PlayStation VR for PlayStation 5

The patent, filed in 2018, shows a hand-worn device with sensors to detect individual fingers. The sensor is located in the center and can be adjusted to different hand sizes. The device, if designed as it was drawn in the application, contains physical buttons with tracking software. It would be a significant improvement over the PlayStation Move, which is currently used on the PS4 and relies on physical buttons, analog sticks and light for tracking via the PlayStation Camera. If the PlayStation Camera cannot see the light from the controller, the tracking will not work.

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The PS5 supports the original PlayStation VR headset and a new version will also be released after the launch of the console. The original PSVR has been available since 2016, three years after the PS4 was released. An overhaul followed in 2017, but it brought only a minor change to add HDR support for the HDMI switch.

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In 2019, Sony filed a patent application for an ‘in-game resource surfacing platform’ that was published in January. By asking the console for help in defeating part of a game, players can use other people’s data to determine the best strategy. This is similar to what Google Assistant promises through Stadia, but Sony’s full application text states that it could cost money. Sony is probably aware of how popular the wallkthrough videos on sites like YouTube and Twitch are.

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The PlayStation 5 (PS5) will be released at the end of 2020. It is still unknown what the console will cost, because Sony is awaiting the price of the Xbox Series X.

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