‘PlayStation 5 (PS5) will get exclusive games at launch, Xbox Series X not’

The usually knowledgeable Kotaku journalist Jason Schreier claims that Sony will release several exclusive PlayStation 5 games this year. The Japanese company clearly opts for a different tactic than Microsoft, because exclusive games for the Xbox Series X are only expected a year after the release of the console.

Microsoft wants to make sure players don’t feel like they have to choose between the Xbox One and Xbox Series X, but that also means that games won’t make the most of the significantly more powerful hardware. Sony fans will have to make a choice against this, although that will probably result in nicer and more complex games.

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In Kotaku’s podcast, Schreier was asked if he knows how many PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X exclusive games and cross-gen titles will be at launch, to which Schreier replied that the next Viking-themed version of Assassin’s Creed will also be available. the current generation of consoles will be released, as will most games from publishers not owned by Sony and Microsoft.

“I’ve heard some things about the PlayStation 5 launch games,” said Schreier. “I won’t be publishing them yet, because I probably want to do some sort of report on things like that for the future. But those games only appear for the PS5. ‘

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Regarding the Xbox Series X exclusive, Schreier added, “I haven’t heard about Xbox Series X exclusive games yet, but I’m sure their games will be available on as many systems as possible. Actually, they already said that Halo Infinite is going to be cross-gen. In any case, Microsoft will have a lot less exclusive Xbox Series X games ready, ”said Schreier.

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