Playstation 4, here are the news of the next 7.50 firmware

In the world of video games, undoubtedly the console that has and continues to have the largest share of users is the PlayStation, from Sony. Since the 2000s, in fact, various consoles have followed one another up to the current PlayStation 4, probably the best-selling of all. The credit must be given not only to the continuous exclusive games that come out often, but also to the fact that the company often releases firmware updates to improve the user experience as much as possible, just as it has recently been testing the new one in beta. firmware 7.50. Let’s find out some of the news it contains.

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The new firmware 7.50 on Playstation 4

We don’t have an official update changelog yet, but some users who are testing the beta have announced several news online.

  • Improvement of the HDCP protocol (High Bandwidth Digital Content Protection) which passes from the current version 2.2 to that 2.3. As a result many small bugs and technical problems are eliminated.
  • The network test that is done on the connection, which should provide more authentic data at the download and upload speed.
  • The various applications of video streamingsuch as Netflix, Now tv, Prime video etc., will be automatically collected in a specific folder, freeing up more space on the main dashboard.
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So far, these are the news that users who are testing the beta have encountered. Of course, other various features will be notified as and when. All that remains is to wait for the official changelog released by Sony or directly for the possibility to download the new 7.50 firmware.