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Pizza: created a yeast-free dough that grows like real one

Pizza: created a yeast-free dough that grows like real one

A materials scientist, suffering from a yeast allergy, decided to create a yeast-free pizza dough that at the same time is able to grow like a normal one. The production of this mixture takes place through gas foaming and the use of rheology. The new process is based on the use of a gaseous agent and a pressure program to stabilize the bubbles that arise during cooking; what then avoids the use of yeast and the whole process of long levitation.

This experimental information was used for evaluate the time available for the absorption of the blowing agent under pressure during the initial cooking phase and to guide the release of pressure during the final cooking, to obtain an optimally foamed pizza.

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Pizza, prepared a new dough without yeast, but which grows like the classic

Bread and pizza are very popular baked goods all over the world and are mainly composed of simple products such as water, flour, salt and yeast. Taste, texture and aroma, not to mention aesthetics, are the reasons why air is incorporated in such products. They are leavened through the use of yeasta biochemical blowing agent that releases carbon dioxide as a product of a fermentation reaction, during the so-called leavening phase. The latter is a somewhat slow process that could take up to several hours, depending on the amount of yeast being used and external bills such as temperatures and humidity.

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In the past, when commercially prepared yeast was not yet available, the baking takes place by mixing flour and water, leaving the wild yeasts dispersed in the air to act. This process took several hours, and new processes have been proposed over the decades to increase productivity. Nowadays yeast-free products have been very successful, just think that according to what several studies have suggested, 9 out of 10 people prefer these products even if they do not have allergies or intolerances.

A product that can be used by people who suffer from allergies

The goal was try to get the same texture we love so much in chemical-free pizza. To achieve this, the team of researchers prepared the classic pizza dough, excluding sugar and yeast. They then put a small ball of the dough in an autoclave, a kind of oven that uses sterilization to kill bacteria and viruses. They then pumped gas into the autoclave, to fill the slurry with bubbles, and raised the pressure to 10 atmospheres before carefully releasing that pressure at exactly the right time.

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To ensure that the temperature of their dough matches that of a typical wood-fired pizza, the study co-author measured the internal cooking temperature of the dough in the pizzeria where he worked. The new method of making the dough it is not really accessible to home bakers without an autoclave, but in theory it would save people time waiting for the dough to rise. Also, someday it could be used to make a tasty pizza for those with yeast allergies.

Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay