Phil Spencer responds to the PS5 reveal

In this Night Watch Phil Spencer makes a lot of juicy statements about the PlayStation 5 reveal! In addition, Kojima Productions responds to rancid rumors, PS Plus celebrates a party, Sony calls on the hackers, Crash Bandicoot 4 gameplay, Project Cars 3 release date, exclusives for Xbox Series X and Burnout Paradise Remastered for the Switch.

Kojima Productions responds to rumors

“Oh man, I’m hot… Thirsty? No, I mean good looking! ” If you know this reference you are a king, but yes, the heat has already gone to the head of the Guard. Or could it be because of the super raunchy rumor about Hideo Kojima, which was brought into the world today, and immediately denies it?

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We all know that Hideo Kojima left Konami in a crazy way, but there has never been a real explanation of why and what exactly went on behind the scenes. announced today that the reason for Hideo Kojima’s departure from Konami has to do with the development of PT or the Playable teaser of Silent Hills.

Phil Spencer responds to the PS5 reveal

According to the website, Kojima-san has played a dirty game and secretly used budget from the development of Metal Gear Solid 5 to develop PT without Konami knowing anything about it. In fact, according to the source, Konami knew nothing about the project at all and was totally surprised when PT was announced at Gamescom 2014. Vague story, huh? Kojima Productions has therefore responded quickly to the message with the following text:

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“Kojima Productions normally does not comment on rumors or speculation, however we can confirm that the article recently posted on is categorically false.”

Could there secretly be some truth in it, or does really make this completely out of its own? The truth will probably never fully surface.

PS Plus’s birthday is almost here

Yyyeeeeyyy, time for a party! Not only is the Guard’s birthday next week, but PS Plus is also celebrating its birthday on June 29. The service will exist for exactly 10 years next week and there are rumors that Sony has a special line-up of free games planned for July. At the moment it is still not known which games can be downloaded for PS Plus members in July, but this could be due to the ten-year anniversary of PS Plus. So be patient!

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Phil Spencer responds to the PS5 reveal

Sony is calling on hackers

By now with interesting news about Sony asking hackers’ help! First some explanation, because hackers can actually be divided into three groups. There are the so-called ‘white hat’, ‘gray hat’ and ‘black hat’ hackers. They all do much the same and use the same techniques, but the intentions are completely different.

White hat hackers are employed by companies and have permission to attempt to break into security. Any security flaws found are consulted with the company and patched with the help of white hat hackers. Sony, like a shitload of other companies, has been using white hat hackers for a long time.

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Gray hat hackers are also looking for security flaws, but they work based on rewards that companies often have for finding these kinds of backdoors. Think of it as a kind of freelancers who turn to companies with security flaws. Often big money is paid for finding security holes and sometimes the hole is even closed with the help of the gray hat hacker.

The Black hat hackers are the crooks in this story and are looking for security holes to benefit from them themselves, such as hacking servers, passwords, credit card details and so on. Black hat hackers obviously do not benefit if security improves.

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Phil Spencer responds to the PS5 reveal

As mentioned, Sony has been using white hat hackers internally for a long time, especially after the PSN hack in 2011, but is now also looking for gray hat hackers! Sony has set up a special project with HackerOne to make this possible and is calling on everyone to test the security of the PlayStation Network, as well as the PlayStation 4. Via the PlayStation Blog:

“We believe that through working with the security research community we can deliver a safer place to play. We have partnered with HackerOne to help run this program, and we are inviting the security research community, gamers, and anyone else to test the security of PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Network. Our bug bounty program has rewards for various issues, including critical issues on PS4. Critical vulnerabilities for PS4 have bounties starting at $ 50,000. To date, we have been running our bug bounty program privately with some researchers. We recognize the valuable role that the research community plays in enhancing security, so we’re excited to announce our program for the broader community. ”

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Super cool action this and it seems that Sony has learned a lot from previous collisions with hackers. Ultimately, it’s only better to embrace these guys, rather than kick the shins. The hack in 2011 was ultimately the result of this, with the whole bullshit of removing OtherOS from the PS3 and the fight with well-known hacker GeoHot.

Crash Bandicoot 4 gameplay

After that wall of text we have now earned a nice video, don’t you think? Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time was announced last Monday and that was indeed about time. A trailer was thrown online, but in the meantime some gameplay images have also appeared, which you can of course check below.

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Phil Spencer responds to the PS5 reveal

It is striking that Crash Bandicoot 4 will get 2-4 player offline multiplayer according to the listing on the PlayStation Store! This has not been confirmed at all and there is also no multiplayer gameplay in the images shown. Hopefully this is not a mistake and it simply has to be officially announced. Anyway, the game looks nice and it is great as far as the Guard is concerned that the platform games are making a kind of comeback again!

Project Cars 3 release date

Newsflash! Project Cars 3 was recently officially announced for PS4, Xbox One and PC and today developer Slightly Mad Studios announced its release date. The game will be available from August 28! Check out Michel’s Project Cars 3 Preview here.

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Phil Spencer responds to the PS5 reveal

Phil Spencer on Xbox exclusives

Time now for some Xbox Series X news with Mr. Xbox himself, Phil Spencer. During a Gamelab Live panel Phil had a lot to say about the new console, and it wasn’t just about the hardware itself. For example, he was asked what he thinks about exclusives for Xbox consoles. Sony has been making meatballs from Microsoft for years when it comes to exclusives, but Phil has of course a nice response.

According to him, exclusives are very important, but he also states that it is important not to just copy the games of the competition. He explains:

“We know it’s important. We know that it’s something that our fans want, but I will also say we’re going to create our first-party around the things that we feel we need to do in order to stand-up for Xbox. Sometimes we get suggestions ‘where is your X game or where is your Y game’ and people look at the other hardware platforms. I don’t think our goal is to replicate what other people have done. It doesn’t help the industry to have people that are doing exactly the same thing with their platforms, services, or content. ”

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Phil Spencer responds to the PS5 reveal

Phil says it’s important to give devs the freedom to create whatever they want and he’s particularly proud of the diversity of games that come from Xbox Game Studios.

“I’m just really proud of the diversity that I’m seeing from the Xbox Game Studios organization and I think that’s going to continue and it’s going to be a mainstay for us, that it’s not going to be a certain kind of genre or a certain kind of story, that the teams are really led by their own vision of what they want to build. ”

The Guard certainly understands Phil Spencer’s point, but hopefully he will also realize that the past generation was pretty skimpy when it comes to Xbox exclusives, and they really can’t do that trick for another generation. Fortunately, it seems to be all right due to all those cool studios that have been purchased and the upcoming Xbox Series X event in July where first-party games will be shown is going to be very exciting!

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Phil Spencer responds to the PS5 reveal

Phil Spencer had a lot more to talk about during the panel, such as about Project xCloud, Xbox Game Pass and of course Xbox Series X itself. All nice, but more interesting is that he also announced that he had looked at the PlayStation 5 reveal a few weeks ago. And yes, of course he has an opinion about that as the Xbox head honcho. A deliciously cocky opinion even!

He starts very well by saying that Sony had prepared a great show and as a competitor he is happy that the PS5 and games have now been shown.

“I watched the show. I thought they did a good job. I sent Jim Ryan a note afterward and congratulated him. As a competitor it’s great to have them out there now so that we kinda know what the program is. We’ve seen the device, we’ve seen the games. ”

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Phil Spencer responds to the PS5 reveal

But only then does he actually let us know what he really thinks. He was happy after seeing the show, as he says the launch line-up for Xbox Series X will be better, and the hardware in the new Xbox is better.

“Just being honest, I felt good after seeing their show. I think the hardware advantages that we’ve built are going to show up as we’re talking more about our games, framerates, and other things. The games line-up that we’re going to have at launch I felt really good about. We got more clarity on what they’re doing at their show, which helps us focusing more on what we have, and I think that’ll be a strength for us at launch. I thought they did a good job. I thought they do what they do very well, and they did that, but when I think about the position that we’re in with the games that we’re going to be able to show and how they’re going to show up, and the hardware advantage that we have, I think we’re in a very good position. So I feel good about July, the gameplay that we’re going to be showing there, and the hardware capability. ”

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The first Xbox Inside event to show third-party games wasn’t as spectacular as we’d hoped, but the Guard has a feeling Microsoft will blow everyone away in July with first-party games, which take advantage of all the new features of Xbox Series X. Phil is at least confident, that’s clear.

DF checks Burnout Paradise for the Switch

Done with all that next-gen bullshit now, let’s check out Burnout Paradise Remastered on the Switch! The cool over the top arcade racer seems to be a masterful kind of game for the Switch, but the hardware has to pull quite a bit on the blazingly fast action at 60fps. The result is a game that is slightly better than the PS3 / Xbox 360 version, but less than the PS4 / Xbox One version. Basically exactly what you expect from it and Digital Foundry comes with the extensive details. Enjoy, and good luck with sweating in the coming days!

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