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Phenom II promises DDR3 and 4GHz over the air


Phenom II promises DDR3 and 4GHz over the air

It is true that overclocking is not something that even 1% of PC users around the world do, but it does fill 99% of the contents of the specialized press, both online and “analog”, and that in the long run is good or bad. bad press for the manufacturer. Overclocking has become a powerful marketing tool for manufacturers of all kinds of components and that makes the new hopes of renewed overclocking ability for the Phenom 2 to be received with particular optimism.

According to the people of “Theinquirer.net” these new processors, according to some AMD source, could go up to 4GHz, pulling the multiplier released, with conventional cooling. With a revamped architecture up to 30% more powerful at the same frequency and new overclocking capabilities, AMD’s new processors for the home market could go head-to-head with many of Intel’s Core 2 generation processors.

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We really hope that this is the case since it would return AMD processors to the range that does not sell many computers but that appears every day in dozens of news and reviews throughout the world.

The new Phenom 2 will also release a socket, at least some of its higher-end models, with which DDR3-type memory will be supported. As we say, it is a transition where the user can choose to make the leap or enjoy the new kernel without changing the motherboard or RAM memory.

More information here: Theinquirer.net.