Phasmophobia will receive Tarot cards in the next major update

Kinetic Games is always looking to add more content to its popular horror game Phasmophobia and it looks like more is coming soon.

In a recent tweet from the lead developer artist, it appears that Phasmophobia will have what is described as tarot cards added in a future update. User cjdxn’s tweet does not go into detail about the “mystery cards”, but suggest that some are missing and reflect on what they could do. One commenter suggests that they could be modifiers, perhaps not unlike the card system in Back 4 Blood, that can affect gameplay positively or negatively. However, this is just speculation at this point.

Fans in the comments are remarkably excited about this new addition to Phasmophobia, but it’s not entirely clear which update they’ll be included with or when the cards will be released. As of now, there is very little to go on outside of the tweet and the posted image of the tarot cards. The black and white image shows things like a Death card and a Moon card. It’s all a bit of a mystery, but more details are likely to surface soon, hopefully.

We’ve found some mysterious cards, there’s a few missing, what could they do? #Phasmophobia

– cjdxn (@_cjdxn) December 6, 2021

As one of the highest-rated titles on Steam, Kinetic’s ghost hunting game has become something of a phenomenon, especially among Twitch broadcasters. It’s hard to say how long the game will remain as popular as it currently is, but the prospect of a new update and the addition of some tarot cards suggests that the studio is far from done with this game.

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Phasmophobia is currently available on Steam.

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