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PC issues recommendations before the arrival of the heat wave


PC issues recommendations before the arrival of the heat wave

By Jahaira Lara


Constant hydration, consumption of fresh foods or foods that are not exposed to high temperatures, avoiding exposure to the sun in the hours of greatest radiation and overexertion; the use of sunscreen, as well as light clothing to avoid heat stroke, are some of the recommendations of the Municipal Civil Protection Coordination of Querétaro (CMPCQ) in the face of the heat wave phenomenon.

The director of the CMPCQ, Francisco Ramírez Santana, pointed out that although a specific day on which this phenomenon begins cannot be specified, it is during the months of July and August that an increase in temperature and a decrease in the occurrence are observed. of rains, characteristics of the days of dogs

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“Speaking specifically of Mexico, it is difficult to forecast the start date in particular, the duration and intensity because it is a global climatological phenomenon (…) The National Meteorological Service contemplates it, however, there is no analysis or a specific date; it is a generalized season in these two months (July and August) in particular”, the official highlighted.

According to the official, the greatest impact of this phenomenon is observed on the European continent, while in the country it is more related to the decrease in rainfall and the increase in temperatures that mainly affect the northern states.

“It lasts approximately 40 to 45 days, we were able to identify this part in the next few days because we have seen how the temperature has increased at the beginning of last week and the beginning of this one,” he reiterated.

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70% probability of occurrence of rain for this Saturday

The director of the Municipal Coordination of Civil Protection of Querétaro, Francisco Ramírez, reported that for this Saturday the probability of occurrence of rain remains at 70 percent; while for Sunday there will be cloudy skies with minimum temperatures of 14 to 16 degrees and maximum of 28 to 30 degrees in the capital.

“Today it has been identified that tropical depression six has formed in the Pacific part with the potential to evolve into a tropical storm in the coming weeks; today we see its movement parallel to the coasts of the national territory, so it is expected that it does not enter and does not affect it, it can change according to weather conditions and it can take another course”, he concluded.