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PC elements continue in constant training: Othón Gutiérrez – Enteratever


PC elements continue in constant training: Othón Gutiérrez – Enteratever

They will seek better salaries for emergency elements

With the aim of continuing to support citizens in emergency situations, the Papantla Civil Protection Directorate continues to constantly train its elements, as was announced by José Othón Gutiérrez, Municipal Director of Civil Protection.

Currently, the emergency bodies that are in charge of providing pre-hospital care are working with a total of 10 elements, of which 5 work per shift to attend to accidents that arise.

Within this body are an Emergency Medical Technician, from the Red Cross belonging to the Sirena Group that bears the name of Edson Barrera; Jorge Cerón Gutiérrez, element with more than 30 years of experience and certified in the branch of prehospital care and Luis Miguel Castillo Estudillo and who has experience and training in the subject in addition to the seven more elements that have been incorporated.

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However, Othón Gutiérrez assured that he will seek a way with the government to increase the payment to the elements that risk their lives day by day in the various situations that arise to safeguard citizens and that is that the salary they receive is 2,500 pesos. a fortnight, being one of the lowest on the government payroll.

Likewise, the director of Civil Protection in Papantla pointed out that they are currently working on the confirmation of the Municipal Plan for the Prevention of Rains and Hurricanes 2022 that runs from July 1 to November 30, to finish I add the number of the PC base that is 7848420175 or 911.

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