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Outlook Lite: A lighter version of email for Android is in development

Outlook Lite: A lighter version of email for Android is in development

Microsoft indicated that it is working on a new Android application called light perspective that will have the main features of the standard version but in a lighter and faster way, which will allow optimized performance for users.

The app will come as an option for users who have difficulties due to issues such as the size of your cell phone’s memory, as they will be able to check their email without problems since Microsoft will seek that it can be used on all cell phones regardless of their capacity or range.

He also reported that he will continue with the development of the application, as well as other light character applications, that is, optimized for better performance for the user.

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Outlook Lite is reportedly available on the Microsoft 365 roadmap and is currently in the final stages of development testing. “The main benefits of Outlook in a smaller application size, with faster performance” and it will be suitable for “low-end devices and any network”, Microsoft indicated on its official page.

At the moment it did not provide more details and the launch date of the application is not officially known, likewise, it is not known if both applications, Outlook Lite and Outlook, can be used or one will be replaced by the other.

It should be noted that Microsoft Outlook arrived in 2015 for Android users as an email manager that unifies people’s messages, calendar, contacts, and files.

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In the regular version of Outlook, both mobile and desktop, you can use mail and also the built-in calendar to keep track of your scheduled appointments and events. You can even use programs like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, as well as Skype directly from your Outlook account.

“We designed Outlook to be the most accessible inbox for all users, with intuitive navigation with voice control, support for multiple assistive devices, and much more,” Microsoft said.

They also assured that they are committed to creating the best free email and calendar solutions. It should be noted that there is another version of mail called Outlook for business, which has several tools to improve the user experience.

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Similarly, Microsoft is constantly sharing tips for improving email productivity. Among those that stand out: press and hold the change of accounts to expand the mail folders, press and drag down or up on the mails you want to delete, swipe to the left to archive the mails or to the right to delete them.

On the other hand, he indicated through a tweet about the premium features that a Microsoft 365 subscription has such as an ad-free interface, improved security, full desktop version of Office applications and 1TB of cloud storage.

It should be noted that you can currently use the light version of Outlook, it has fewer features than the standard version, according to information from Microsoft.

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Features not available in the light version of Outlook include weekly or monthly calendar views, access to shared mailboxes or shared calendars, importing or exporting messages or contacts, and creating or editing tasks or notes.


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