Oppo A9 2020 review: a smartphone with an infinite battery

L’Oppo A9 2020 represents the smartphone ideal for all users looking for a battery phone with an almost infinite charge duration, flanked by performance that we could define in the average, if considered the final sale price equal to approximately 199 euros.

Aesthetically, the device has certainly generous dimensions, we are talking about 163.3 x 75.6 x 9.1 mm thick, with a total weight of approximately 195 grams. On balance it is quite large and heavy, it can be easily kept in your hand and in your trouser pocket, but those not used to smartphone notable, nor could they be affected by the difference. The body has very interesting colors with optical effects in the back, the on / off and volume keys are positioned on the side edges, on the others we find speaker for audio playback (remember to be stereo with dolby atmos) and the jack 3.5mm for connecting headphones.

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Oppo A9 2020: technical characteristics

The display and from 6.5 inchesit’s a IPS LCD with resolution 1600 x 720 pixels (HD +), 16 million colors and 480nit brightness. The diagonal is very wide, we are speaking in all respects of beyond 16.5cmbut sunlight technologies, protection against blue light and the waterdrop, allow a peaceful use every day, provided that in any case you are ready for some small qualitative renunciation. Once in your hands you will find yourself in front of a device with a screen / surface ratio of89%very bright, but not too detailed (the difference compared to even only a fullHD is felt).

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The processor behind it is a good one Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 with 2GHz clock frequency, flanked by a Adreno 610 GPU And 4GB of RAM. The overall performance falls exactly in the range in which it was positioned, they are not as exciting as in the case of the Oppo Reno 2, but we can define it as capable of doing its job without too many hitches. It is clear, it is not always very fast in opening / closing applications, gaming will be slightly “jerky”, but these are minimal and not too obvious sacrifices.

The sensor for unlocking with fingerprints on the rear body, the positioning is in line with what is seen on competing devices. Operation turned out to be practically flawless and very fast, 99 times out of 100 recognize the fingerprint in the blink of an eye. Same identical speech for the unlock with faceit is only 2Dable to recognize the saved face in any light condition.

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There internal memory and from 128GBin the side trolley we even find 3 slotsthis involves being able to use it as dual SIM and at the same time expand the ROM up to a maximum of 256GB. The technical specifications are completed by bluetooth 5.0, NFC, WiFi 802.11 ac and LTE with a maximum download speed of 450Mbps.

Cameras, software and battery

The photographic sector ofOppo A9 2020 is represented by ben 4 sensors rear captained by the main da 48 megapixels (with F1.8 aperture), flanked by a wide angle 8 megapixel camera (119 ° viewing angle and F2.25 aperture), passing through the bokeh effect from 2 megapixels (with aperture F2.4), to finish with the others 2 megapixels of the black / white sensor to increase the sharpness (aperture always F2.4).

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Overall, the system still manages to shoot great snapshots, but it does not innovate or renew what we are usually used to seeing in the mid-range of the mobile market. The images are good in all light conditions, with fairly well-defined details and slightly lower than for example a Motorola One Action or similar to a Nokia 6.2.

THE videoon the other hand, they are made to the maximum in 4K to 30fpsthe electronic stabilization is good, the yield remains exactly on the same previous level, without taking flight, nor in any case being considered unsatisfactory.

Frontally we find a sensor from 16 megapixels with opening F2.0 and video in FullHD to 30fpsin this case a very performing component has been integrated and qualitatively superior to the competition, also for the background blur effects actually foreseen.

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The operating system is Android 9 with graphic customization Color OS updated to version 6.0.1in line with all Oppo home devices, with the presence of the smart bar (to facilitate operation and use with one hand), the software for clone the apps (and use multiple accounts at the same time), the trick to insert the virtual assistant on the on / off button (holding it down for 0.5 seconds) and all the usual gesture.

The plus ofOppo A9 2020 is certainly represented by the drumsa component from beyond 5’000 mAh which guarantees an overall duration one in a kindand even able to exceed the 2 days of use stress. Normally we have also reloaded it after 3 days without particular difficulties or worries, really one aspect super and almost unique nowadays; the presence of 10W fast charging and recharging should be noted reversethis means that it can be used as powerbank (not wireless) to charge other smartphones connected via the USB-Type C placed in the lower part.

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Positive and negative aspects

In conclusion theOppo A9 2020 it represents to all intents and purposes the classic medium-low-end smartphone of the moment, but with an aspect of great importance, one drums from 5000mAh from performance excelled. Among positives we include:

  • Good mid-range processor, we certainly appreciate the choice of the Qualcomm to the detriment of MediaTek.
  • Drums to say the least supereven achieves 3 days of normal use with no problems (if not more).
  • Excellent screen / surface ratio and general aesthetics.
  • The presence of the mode is appreciable reverse charging.
  • 3 slots in the side trolley for 2 SIM and microSD simultaneously.
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Between negativesinstead:

  • Display underperforming, it is very wide, but it stops at HD +.
  • Cameras good, but without that extra gear to which Oppo has accustomed us in the last period.

For any other consideration regarding theOppo A9 2020 discussed in our article, we can only invite you to watch the complete video review inserted below.