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OnePlus 5: There are clues about a Lite version with 4 GB of RAM

OnePlus 5: There are clues about a Lite version with 4 GB of RAM

The thinnest device ever but without compromise in terms of hardware: very high expectations for the launch of OnePlus 5. The Chinese company founded by Pete Lau in 2013 has established itself within a few years, showing off surprising technical characteristics. Everyone expects the new top of the range to be able to redefine the standards and the clues confirm this impression.

As mentioned, the rumors of recent days, OnePlus 5 will be much thinner than the previous models but the surprises do not end there. One device, but many souls, let’s find out together what OnePlus has in store for us.

OnePlus 5 is coming

The Geekbench Browser site has published the results of a test carried out on a OnePlus 5. Surprisingly, the device in question has 4 GB of RAM, a figure much lower than those anticipated by most analysts. But what lies behind this RAM?

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Apparently, the highly anticipated flagship could arrive in different variants, the Benchmark in fact refers to the name OnePlus A5000everything suggests that it is a Lite version.

As you can see from the attached photo, on board we find Android Marshmallowunder the hood is a value processor but not the latest, lo Snapdradon 820. So not the 835 that will be mounted on OnePlus 5. Some compromises, but still valuable technical specifications.

A lighter version, but one that will be able to attract a large audience thanks to prices that we imagine rather attractive. Shortly before knowing the whole truth, the June 20 (or the 15 according to some) OnePlus 5 will be unveiled to the public.

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Source: tecnoandroid.it