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OCZ Dual PC-4200 DDR2 RAM

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OCZ Dual PC-4200 DDR2 RAM

OCZ presents its new DDR2 RAM created with 0.11 micron technology. They are designed to support speeds, on the one hand the first model, from 400 Mhz to 4x or 8x and another model to 533 Mhz to 8x.

Both models are expected to go on sale sometime in 2004 at both 400 MHz for servers and 533 MHz for desktops.

OCZ DDR2 PC-4200 Dual Channel Kit

These modules incorporate ULN technology (Ultra Low Noise, ultra low noise) so the noise they can produce is reduced within what is possible. They are sold in 512 MB (256 MB x 2 modules) and 1 GB (512 x 2 modules) kits. As we can see, they are optimized to act in double channel and at a voltage of 2.8V.

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From OCZ, and to ensure compatibility with the current market, all these memories have been tested on various types of motherboards