Nvidia’s new Geforce GTX 550Ti

The number of shader units has not changed but Nvidia takes advantage of its better efficiency of the new Fermi chips and adds a little more screen fill capacity and bandwidth to give a significant performance jump in its new flagship graphics card for affordable prices .

The new GTX 550Ti has a working frequency of 900MHz, although we will see versions with overclocking above Gigahertz, with configurations of 1GB of GDDR5 RAM with a 192-Bit bus (improving the 128-Bit of the GTS 450) and increasing also the number of rasterization units up to 24 (compared to 16 on the GTS 450). This increases the bandwidth by 50%, improving the response of the card with filters at full screen and high resolution, and the padding capacity by almost 15% which will also translate into more performance especially in games that emphasize in more traditional techniques such as the yet to appear Crysis 2.

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The card will have dozens of variants depending on the manufacturer, I hardly think we will see reference versions, but we can count on silent operation, it has a consumption of about 116w, with a single power connector, and dual slot thermal designs with dual DVI outputs and Mini-HDMI connection among others.

Its price: 129 Euros in versions without overclocking.