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Nokia G50 review: economical, 5G and with excellent battery life

Nokia G50 review: economical, 5G and with excellent battery life

Nokia G50 is a smartphone that offers the user generous dimensions, discrete performance and one autonomy above average, all in a price that is around 250 euros. A relatively cheap and satisfying product in several respects, let’s find out together in our review.

Aesthetics and Design

The entire body is made of plastic, it does not appear to be too rigid, although the materials used are of decent quality (we have not noticed particular creaks) and the smartphone would not be waterproof. The size they are generous, do not plan to use the Nokia G50 with one hand, it reaches 173.83 x 77.68 x 8.85 mm thick, with a weight of well 220 grams; if placed in the trouser pocket it will be irreparably felt.

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The back cover is made of plastic opaque with fairly elegant colors, it retains very little fingerprints, and the module of the rooms (circular) is not too prominent compared to the body. Consequently, being still very wide, if placed on a work surface it will not dance as much.

On the edges we find all the connectivity of the case, with the presence of the button on the left physicist to access theGoogle assistant; the remaining dispositions are the classic ones, at the top we have the 3.5mm jackon the right the volume and on / off keys, to end with the below USB type-C 2.0 and the physical speaker.

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Hardware and Specifications

A ample IPS LCD panel from 6.82 inwith resolution HD +, 212 ppi and drop notch. The refresh rate unfortunately stops at only 60Hz, an important handicap in terms of fluidity, when compared with the countless other smartphones of the same range, capable of providing 90 or 120Hz. THE colors are fairly respected, thanks to 70% support for NTSC, although the range appears to be reduced and far too limited. The detail and the sharpness is not of the highest level, in everyday use we have not noticed any particular difficulties or handicaps, it is only a panel inaccurate and with colors tending to bluish.

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The processor is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 480an octa-core with 2.04GHz clock frequency and 8 nanometer manufacturing process, coupled with the Adreno 619 GPU. The basic configuration includes 4GB of RAM e 64 / 128GB internal memory, expandable via microSD up to a maximum 512GB. The performances are perfectly in line with the positioning price range, the opening of the applications takes one second longer than usual, however the execution and use of the same does not lead to slowdowns or particular difficulties. The Nokia G50 does not heat up in the back, while the gaming it must be limited only to very simple games.

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The terminal can be unlocked using the fingerprint sensor embedded in the on / off button, or 2D face recognition. In both cases we recorded one Discrete unlocking speed, signaling an excellent response from the sensor physicist. Overall we are more than satisfied with the results achieved.

The SIM trolley integrates 2 slotsyou will be able to use the Nokia G50 on par with a dual SIM o expand the internal memory via microSD (not simultaneously). Connectivity is represented by the 5Gbluetooth 5.0, WiFi 802.11 ax-ready, NFCGPS and 3.5mm jack.

L’audio it is mono, only the speaker positioned in the lower part is used; the maximum volume is sufficient for a 20 meters square, the general quality is in line with the price range. The lows are practically absent, while the highs are slightly distorted, especially the sound peaks.

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Camera, operating system and battery

The photographic sector consists of 3 sensors different, divided into a principal from 48 megapixels with F1.8 aperture, a ultra wide angle from 5 megapixels and a bokeh (or depth) from 2 megapixels. The latter is unused in most of the shots, or rather it fails to affect as much as it would like.

In bright conditions the images are discrete, have quite precise colors and with a sufficient dynamic range, a good management of strong lights, the white balance is correct, as well as the contrast and saturation. What is missing is the detailalthough they are quite sharp, we do notice a lack in terms of definition and precision.

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This aspect is emphasized in the shots with low lightin which the noise you see very soon and the risk of carrying out micro-wavy it is real, given the absence of the integrated optical stabilizer. The balancing of white is perfect, on a par with saturation and contrast. Good general sharpness, as we said slightly the detail is missing.

The mode is present nocturnal, basically the images are quite dark, although they present excellent detail and general sharpness; activating it, it illuminates the scene a lot, risking however to distort it, in fact more details are noticed, however increasing the digital noise. The advice is to use it only in extreme cases.

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THE video they are made at the most in FullHD at 30fps, have quality in line with everything we have just told you. The autofocus performed perfectly in all lighting conditions, never shooting or struggling to focus on subjects. There stabilization it’s completely digitaland on balance it could have been better, since it is difficult to think of recording a video while walking or even simply pan by hand.

A sensor from 8 megapixels with F1.8 aperture; the shots are overall good, both in favor of light and backlight, managing to perfectly manage the strong light sources. Discrete detail and sharpness, the dynamic range is always limited, the contouring of the subject in the bokeh effects it happens correctly, although it tends to slightly flatten the frame.

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The operating system is Android 11and joining the program Android One ensures software updates and security patches for the next few years (2 years for the OS, 3 for patches); in parallel, the installed version is stock Androidwithout any kind of customization or particular interfaces, at the time of the review it mounted the patches of the October 5, 2021. The fluidity of the system is excellent, it does not have any particular lag or slowdowns; the choice of do not mount third-party launcher clearly streamlines everything, making it lighter and smoother. All Google applications and gestures are present, with the characteristic strengths / weaknesses of Android stock.

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There battery it is a component from ben 5000mAhwhich does not support wireless or reverse charging, but fast a 18 watts. Considered an average of 3 hours and 30 minutes / 4 hours of active display, with the Nokia G50 we were able to reach and exceed the 6 hoursalso touching the Eight hoursa result that rightly projects him into the Olympus of battery phones.

Nokia G50: conclusions

In conclusion the Nokia G50 it is a smartphone with which you have to compromise, although it has overall performance sufficient for the price range, large dimensions, 5G and NFC connectivity, and a battery that far surpasses most of the contenders. On the other side of the coin we find a 100% unsatisfactory display, especially in terms of definition and sharpness, and a graphics sector that could have been better, given the great experience of Nokia / HMD gained over the years.

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Nokia G50

255 euros


Design and Aesthetics

7.5 / 10


7.0 / 10


7.0 / 10


7.0 / 10


9.0 / 10



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