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Nokia 5.4 review: great battery and Android One membership

Nokia 5.4 review: great battery and Android One membership

Nokia 5.4 it is a smartphone that aims to all intents and purposes at the “belly” of the mobile phone market, trying to meet the needs of users who want to spend as little as possible, enjoying overall good overall performance. For sale at a price basis of 190 euroshas some small peculiarities that can perhaps distinguish it from the crowd.

Aesthetically, the product reaches average dimensions, in particular we are talking about 160.97 x 75.99 x 8.7 mm thick, with a weight that is around 181 grams. It is slightly lighter than the others, which certainly facilitates use on the move, or portability for example in the trouser pocket. There back cover is in shiny plastic 3D, therefore with a slight curvature, and a texture elegant; given its nature, it tends to get dirty easily, retaining fingerprints with simplicity disarming. The camera module, arranged in circleis too much in relief compared to the back cover, in this way when positioned on the work surface it will “dance” more than expected.

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On the edges we find all the connectivity, in particular on the left side stands the physical key for the assistant Googleabove the jack from 3.5mmon the right the usual volume / power buttons, to finish with the USB type-C 2.0 and the speaker in the bottom.

Hardware and specifications

The display is a broad IPS LCD from 6.39 in diagonally, with resolution HD + (720 x 1560 pixels), 269 ​​ppirefresh rate a 60 Hz and aspect ratio 19.5: 9. The frames are quite marked, especially on the lateral edges, the hole of the anterior chamber is relatively small, while it does not have any kind of curvature. There quality falls short of expectations, the dynamic range appears to be limited i details they are not high, the colors tend to be cold (returning a “bluish” light), and there is no sharpness. We appreciate the maximum brightnessmore than enough for use in direct sunlight.

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The processor and the Qualcomm Snapdragon 662an octa-core a 2GHz clock frequency, with production process a 11 nanometerscoupled with the Adreno 610 GPU. The basic configuration provides 4GB of RAM e 64GB of internal memory (expandable), for an overall sufficient use, in line with the positioning price range. It is slightly “staid” in opening applications, perhaps due to the “only” 4GB of RAM, you can play with almost all the titles in the play store, of course with lag and waivers in terms of general detail. For the rest, it returns a waiting experience, but quite satisfying.

The Nokia 5.4 it does not have waterproof certification, but it is a smartphone dual SIMwith the trolley that integrates 3 slots different. At the same time they can be installed two SIMs, with the addition of memory expansion. Connectivity is represented by bluetooth 4.2WiFi 802.11 b / g / n monoband, GPS with GlonassNFC chip e 4G up to a maximum of 150Mbps in download.

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Unlocking can take place in two ways, using the fingerprint sensor embedded in the rear body, or face recognition 2D, taking advantage of the secondary chamber. The latter is really very slow, it takes up to 3 seconds before it can recognize your face; in contrast, the use of the rear sensor is more than satisfactory, in terms of safety and quick release.

The audio on the Nokia 5.4 it is mono and it is space Ozo, even if only the lower speaker is used. The volume maximum is quite high, in terms of detail, sharpness and respect for frequencies, it is in line with the positioning price range.

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Photos, videos, operating system and battery

The photographic sector of the Nokia 5.4 is represented by 4 sensorsdivided into a main by 48 megapixels with F1.8 aperture, a wide angle from 5 megapixelsa depth sensor from 2 megapixels and a macro from 2 megapixels. The last two, as usual, turned out to be almost completely useless in daily use.

The images are made to the maximum a 4000 x 3000 pixelsthe dynamic range has been shown to be quite limited outdoors, i colors they are subdued and duller than normal, as they lack detail and general sharpness. Despite everything, we can consider them in line with the range of price positioning; very good macroeven without using the dedicated sensor.

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The moment the brightness calathe noise is seen almost immediately, we noticed a strong risk of making blurred photos, and for the rest i colors are always “off”, the sharpness it is discreet overall, as is the general detail.

There is the night mode, the basic shot is very dark, when we activate it, it manages to illuminate the scene a lot, losing however in detail and showing a lot of noise. Surrender is improve than other models in the same price range.

THE video are registered at most in FullHD to 60fps, the general quality does not differ from everything we have just told you. There stabilization it is completely electronic, even if in degree to reach a level superior compared to the competition. THE video clips recorded by hand they will be “flickering”, but you can get good results, even without having a particularly trained “hand”. L’autofocus on the contrary it is much lower, it turned out to be too much nervoushad great difficulty in focusing on the subject, especially in low light conditions.

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A sensor from 16 megapixels with F2.0 aperture, its quality is overall enoughmanages to achieve good detail on the face of the framed subject, although i colors are always off, as well as the dynamic range. Sharpness is better than the rear sensors, with a very good bokeh effect.

The operating system is Android 10with patch updated to March 2021and joining the program Android One (in this way you will have 2 years of guaranteed updates and always very recent patches). Experience is the classic of Android Stockwithout any particular customization implemented by Nokiathe system is fluid, free from lag or slowdowns.

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There battery is a component from 4000mAhwith refill at 10 watts, without support for wireless or reverse charging. Despite what one might think, the duration is above average (which we remember being 3 hours and 30 minutes / 4 hours of active display). In fact, in the weeks of testing we scored 6 hours And 55 minutes with 8% remaining charge, or even 5 hours And 16 minutes at 9% charge, it’s not a battery phone, but it comes very close.

Nokia 5.4: conclusions

In conclusion the Nokia 5.4 is a smartphone that does not stand out from the many devices belonging to the price range below 200 eurosits advantages are represented by the excellent battery, by adhesion to Android One and an overall satisfactory processor. The handicaps, on the other hand, pass through a photographic sector, especially with regard to video recording, not up to par with the competition.

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All other considerations are collected in ours video reviewwith the summary scores.

Nokia 5.4

189 euros


Design and Ergonomics

7.0 / 10


6.5 / 10


7.0 / 10

Photo and video

7.0 / 10


8.0 / 10



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