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Nintendo Switch Pro may come with a mini LED screen in 2021

Nintendo Switch Pro may come with a mini LED screen in 2021

Nintendo is expected to introduce a renewed Nintendo Switch (Pro) in 2021. Little is known about the improvements, but according to recent rumors Nintendo is focusing on 4k and could use a mini LED screen.

Nintendo Switch Pro

Economic Daily News claims that Nintendo recently visited Taiwanese manufacturer Innolux Corporation, suggesting that the Japanese company may be working with the Taiwanese manufacturer to use its mini LED technology for the screen of the new Nintendo Switch model. Mini LED has some advantages over LCD and OLED screens, because the technology improves the contrast, can achieve a higher peak brightness and uses less energy, which can result in a longer battery life of the Switch.

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The Nintendo Switch Pro model has been rumored for quite some time. In September, it was suggested that all recent Switch games will be released with an unlocked frame rate to access a simple performance boost on the new system. The relatively quiet year for Nintendo is also because the Japanese company is preparing for the launch of the new console.

“The specifications of the new machine have yet to be finalized, although the Japanese company has looked at more computing power and 4k,” said Bloomberg. The release of the upgraded Switch would be tied to a range of new games from Nintendo and third-party studios. Those games would appeal to a wide variety of players; from casual to hardcore gamers. The focus on this new software and hardware explains Nintendo’s relatively quiet release schedule so far this year. ”

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The most concrete indication of a new Nintendo Switch model was a firmware update released in April. In this firmware, a new variant of the Switch was spotted with the code name ‘nx-abcd’. The software is already referring to code names for the original Switch, Switch Lite and the 2019 update with improved battery life.

Dataminer Mike Heskin discovered that three of the five new DRAM profiles are made for new hardware. In addition, there are indications that this new model will be equipped with a second screen and the Tegra X1 +. The presence of a secondary display would certainly be interesting, as it would make the Switch a true successor to the DS and 3DS consoles.