News District 9 director and Chappie collaborate on the creation of a multiplayer shooter for PS5

Sci-fi movie director Neill Blomkamp has teamed up with a startup developer called Gunzilla Games to help produce a new AAA multiplayer shooter for PlayStation 5 and other platforms. Known for his work on District 9, Elysium, and Chappie, the director takes on the role of chief vision officer. He will lend a hand in narrative and visual art spaces, and the project is said to have a “strong emphasis” on story. The game itself is currently untitled, but the team’s official website says it will be “worth the wait.”

Although the world that Gunzilla Games creates will be completely its own, the inspiration comes from the work of Blomkamp. CEO and co-founder Vlad Korolev said: “We have always hoped to add a bit of his magic to our game, and now this is happening. The team has been hard at work in pre-production for the past year – having Neill join us at this stage brings us closer to fulfilling our mission to deliver the next evolution of shooters.”

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A press release describes the team as “formidable,” containing talent from publishers like Ubisoft, EA, THQ Nordic, and others. The developer has also signed on Assassin’s Creed, The Division, and Far Cry writer Olivier Henriot, as well as Altered Carbon author Richard K. Morgan. Although we don’t have much data at the moment, are you excited about this new project? Share your opinion in the comments below.