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New Microsoft Office System

New Microsoft Office System

Microsoft today introduces the Office System, a suite of six editions, eleven products, four servers, and a host of services and solutions to make things easier for individual IT users, the departments they work in, and their companies.

The Microsoft Office System is made up of the latest versions of the main Office suites and programs, programs such as Microsoft Office Visio, FrontPage, Publisher and Project, two totally new programs: OneNote and Infopath, four servers, such as the Office Live Communications Server and Exchange Server 2003 and services such as Office Online, Office Live Meeting, etc. All these applications are intended to increase the productivity of any company.

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The major evolution of the Microsoft Office System is from individual desktop applications to an integrated system that seamlessly connects people, information, and processes to improve productivity.

The Office programs, already known by users, along with XML support for communications between Office programs or external programs to add data in real time. Additionally, enhancements to Outlook, Exchange, and SharePoint provide new capabilities and optimize team resources.

In addition, the Microsoft Office System also offers tools for individual users designed to help them improve their personal productivity. Because these tools are built on familiar tools, users will be able to take full advantage of them instantly.

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The new Outlook offers better mail organization and helps prevent spam by adding spam filters. On the other hand, Exchange Server 2003 offers support for mobile devices and better mail server security with better administration.

On the other hand, the new Word Reading Mode and the Search Task Panels that incorporate all the programs to be able to access the information that the user needs in a simple way. On the other hand, Office Online offers multiple templates, clip-arts, etc. for our documents.

The two new programs included in this suite are:

Microsoft Office InfoPath 2003: this program speeds up the process of grouping information from multiple sources and guarantees all users access to this information. In addition, this program will allow us to create dynamic forms, fill them out and send them to applications that use XML, such as Back Office and Front Office.

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Microsoft Office OneNote 2003: Thanks to this application we can capture both typed and handwritten notes, diagrams, audio recordings, photographs, etc. on a desktop, laptop, or tablet PC.

Various companies are already using the Microsoft Office System. For example, Hewlett-Packard is already using it to create and distribute sales guides for its marketing team, expecting to cut guide production time by 46% and lower technical support costs by 66%.

Symantec for its part is offering antivirus support for the Microsoft Exchange 2003 mail server thanks to its Symantec Mail Security 4.0 software, while Dell has already started equipping its computers (both laptops and desktops) with this suite.