New generation of enterprise SSD drives from Seagate

In these new models, Seagate maintains a single layer design in its NAND Flash memory configurations with special care and commitment to data security with integrated error correction systems as well as performance stability in very demanding environments with disk performance. under high loads for long periods of time.

They use SATA 6gbps or SAS 6gbps interfaces. Speeds for the Pulsar XT.2 model are about 360MB/s transfer speed, not specified read or write, with throughput capabilities of up to 44,000 read IOPs and 22,000 write IOPs. Pulsar 2 models do not offer specific performance data.

The new models, with 2.5” format, will have capacities of up to 400 SLC (Pulsar XT.2, options of 100 and 200GB without encryption) and 800GB MLC (Pulsar 2 with options of 100, 200 and 400GB without encryption) and will be distributed only in professional channels so we will hardly see them in the price lists of our favorite stores.

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