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New Apple Macbook Air 2012


New Apple Macbook Air 2012

The new models integrate ultra-low-voltage IvyBridge processors with Intel HD Graphics 4000 graphics and therefore enjoy the new generation of Intel 7-series chipsets that modifies the two USB 2.0 ports for native USB 3.0. Significant performance improvements but no design improvements or other additions.

Prices now start at 1049 Euros for the most basic 11” model that now comes with 4GB as standard (the 2011 model included 2GB with a price of 949 Euros) but maintains the 64GB storage now with faster NAND Flash memory with up to 500MB/s sequential access speed.

The 11” model priced at 1,149 Euros integrates 128GB of disk capacity and is followed by the 13” model with 4GB configurations, a 128GB disk for 1,249 Euros and a 256GB disk for 1,549 Euros. Both models maintain the existing screens in the 2011 versions with 1366×768 points for the 11” model and up to 1440×900 points in the 13” model.