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Netflix, Disney + and Apple TV +: here are the 5 series of the moment not to be missed

Netflix, Disney + and Apple TV +: here are the 5 series of the moment not to be missed

With the arrival of autumn, the schedules of the various streaming services are getting richer and more and it is difficult to keep up with all the releases. Even more so if you have more than one service available among the many present, the indecision about which series to watch can become even greater. We therefore decided to draft a short list of the best series of the moment to watch during these cold and dull days, perhaps under a warm fleece blanket.

Specifically, we have selected five of the major series of the moment that take completely different genres to really satisfy any palate. The series mainly focuses on three of the most popular streaming services, namely Netflix, Apple TV + and Disney +. Having said that we leave you to our very personal ranking and we wish you a good vision!

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Squid Game (Netflix)

We could only start with one of the craziest and most shocking series of the moment, Squid Game. Born in South Korea, the series debuted on Netflix in recent weeks and in a short time it has become one of the most viewed ever on the service enough to go viral with a real media explosion. But what is Squid Game about and why is it so popular? First of all, let’s start by saying that this is a series suitable for an adult audience given the strong contents included in more than a few scenes.

Squid Game involves a group of people all united by problems related to the god of money. Debts and torturers make life difficult for each of them, gradually becoming a real ****. This is until the opportunity to participate in a mysterious game with billions of won at stake (the currency of korea). Gamers however don’t know that the game will jeopardize their lives with extremely violent games based on simple group games for children. An absolutely brilliant series that will make you stay glued with continuous twists.

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Foundation (Apple TV +)

Now let’s move on to another popular series that will make all science fiction lovers happy, bringing an extremely immersive work to Apple TV +. Let’s talk about Foundation, a series born from the novels of Isaac Asimov, a name known as one of the most important authors in the world of science fiction. Taken from “Cycle of Foundations” the series sees protagonist a group of exiles on a journey to the edge of space to save humanity and rebuilding civilization during the fall of the Galactic Empire.

Foundation has been called a masterpiece of science fiction made with great technical expertise takes the concept of science fiction to a much more mature and meaningful level. This is a series that goes to innovate the genre and that must be seen if you have grown up on bread and intergalactic adventures.

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Star Wars: Visions (Disney +)

We still talk about science fiction, but this time we enter the world of animation. Star Wars: Visions available exclusively on Disney + è an anthological series that collects non-canonical short films set within the galactic universe of Star Wars. Each episode takes inspiration from the George Lucas universe with many references to the well-known film epic, but plays with the visual style proposing different artistic styles touching very closely the Japanese animation.

The nine episodes that make up this first season offer several visually sublime experiments such as The Duel, a hybrid of feudal Japan and science fiction that come together to offer a black and white visual style inspired by Kurosawa’s samurai films. Interesting too T0-B1, a tale halfway between Pinocchio and Astro Boy starring a small droid. A succession of short films that bring viewers to an alternative Star Wars that does not however exclude lightsabers, battles between Jedi, alien planets and droids. A true concentrate of Japanese animation mixed with everything a Star Wars fan could expect when starting the series. A must try.

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*** Education (Netflix)

Laurie Nunn’s series debuted on Netflix in 2019 and quickly became one of the workhorses of the streaming platform, defined as one of the best teen products ever made. The series manages to emotionally touch not only teenagers, but also the adult audience thanks to strong and well-characterized characters and current narrative elements. Although the series has been out for a while, the third season was recently launched and managed to involve even more than the previous ones, immediately gathering more than positive consents.

The series in general stars Otis Milburn, a high school student from Moordale, the son of a nationally renowned writer and *** therapist. This makes the boy particularly skilled in problems of a sexual nature so much so that after helping a bully with premature *********** problems he decides to put his skills at the service of his companions. becoming a paid school sexologist.

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Midnight Mass (Netflix)

We conclude with a flourish a psychological horror thriller perfectly in keeping with the approach of the Halloween holidays. Midnight Mass is a series by Mike Flanagan, the director of Hill House and Doctor Sleep and premiered on Netflix in late September becoming one of the flagship series of the platform within a few days. It is a work that shows dangerous sides of religion that arise from excessive Catholic faith and dependence on it. A decidedly different horror that doesn’t try to terrorize with rivers of blood or psychopathic killers, but through a psychological journey through the redemption of sin and the nature of evil.

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Midnight Mass stars the inhabitants of a remote island called Crockett Island, a community of 127 people who live anchored to religious faith making the word of God their way of life. The inhabitants, however, are shocked by the arrival of Father Paul, a charismatic priest who in an attempt to reinvigorate the faithful in the daily mass it sets off a series of inexplicable miracles involving the entire community. A story centered on universal themes that nevertheless hides mystery and horror with a slow fall of the entire community towards the abyss of the underworld because of Father Paul’s persuasiveness. A horror undoubtedly different from the usual that will keep you breathless from the first to the last episode. A must see for all fans of the genre.

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