MWC 2013. Intel Clover Trail +

There is no doubt that the mobile market, at least for the moment, is dominated by chips with Intel architecture, however some manufacturers are beginning to present smartphones and tablets with processors Intel x86. In the tablet market, with the release of Windows 8 it is easier for Intel or AMD to fully enter the market, but in the smartphone market the competition is fierce. The Clover Trail platform has allowed Intel to get into some devices like the recently introduced ASUS FonePad.

Now the Clover Trail platform gets a boost with new models CloverTrail+ formed by a Intel Atom in their models Z2580, Z250 or Z2520, all of them with dual core and Hyperthreading, so they have 4 execution threads and with a frequency that goes from 1.2 GHz of the Z2520 to 2 Ghz of the Z2580. The accompanying graph is PowerCR SGX 554MP2with support for multimedia playback and screen management 1920×1080 resolution pixels.

  The Intel Arc A370M is seen in the Ashes of the Singularity test

The first terminal that incorporates this new platform is the Lenovo IdeaPhone k900a terminal that will go on sale in the Asian market during the month of April.