Motorola Moto Z2 Remove Bloatware (Solution)

For the proud owners of the Motorola Z2 Motorcycle, you will occasionally want to study how to get rid of bloatware. Bloatware are pre-installed apps that are not used or are superfluous on the Z2 Motorcycle. Many would like to understand how to get rid of. But with an easy warning, removing these superfluous apps or disabling them does not guarantee a larger space so that you can have other apps on your phone.

Certain bloatware apps of the Z2 Motorcycle have the possibility of being completely eliminated or deleted, but there are some that can only be disassembled or disabled. The moment the bloatware is deactivated, it is still in the gadget but it is not active.

  1. Turn on your Z2 Motorcycle gadget
  2. Click on the app tray of the gadget, and click on the edit button
  3. Touch the minus icon where it is usable to remove apps
  4. Click on the minus icon in an application you want to get rid of
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