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Motorola Moto G22 review: the new battery phone to beat

Motorola Moto G22 review: the new battery phone to beat

The last few months have crowned the “rebirth” of Motorolafollowing the launch of an excellent top of the range, which is the Motorola Edge 30, as well as a long series of models belonging to the lower range, all characterized by specifications excellent techniques. After having talked to you about the various Moto G200, G31 and similar, let’s discover together the most recent Motorola Moto G22destined to become the model to beat for various reasons.

Aesthetics and Design

The design is perfectly in line with what we are usually used to seeing at home Motorolathe edgy and squared form factor is embellished with elegant lines, but with an eye to fashion and the trend of the moment. Made entirely of plasticthe materials they do not appear not very resistant or too “plasticky”, on the contrary they remind smartphones that cost twice as much.

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There back cover is opaque with a metallic finish, the fingerprints are held back slightly, and it is quite difficult to be able to clean it. The camera module is slightly raised from the body, but not too much.

The size the other models on the market are in line, precisely reaching 163.95 x 74.94 x 8.49 mm thick, with a weight that does not exceed the 185 grams. It is a thicker than average smartphone, but still light enough and easily transportable. The frame, also in plastic, it is not roundedand integrates all the physical connectivity: above the 3.5mm jack, on the right side the volume and on / off keys, ending with USB type-C 2.0 and speaker at the bottom. The design is water repellentwithstands a few drops of water, but has no waterproof certification.

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Hardware and Specifications

The display is an IPS LCD from 6.5 in diagonally, with HD + resolution (1600 x 720 pixels), 268 ppi, and 20: 9 format. The first thing that catches the eye is definitely the detail not particularly high, as is the general sharpness, expectations in line with a smartphone that costs less than 200 euros in promotion. THE colors are contrasted and saturated, with a dynamic range generally sufficient; there maximum brightness it is discreet, it can be used in direct sunlight, but with some minor problems.

What makes the panel more interesting is definitely the refresh rate to 90Hz, a greater fluidity that allows to file the small defects listed above. The screen-to-body ratio of the89.03% limits partly the feeling of infinity display, especially for a decidedly marked lower frame.

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The processor is a MediaTek Helio G37octa-core with a clock frequency of 2.3GHz, coupled with a 680Mhz IMG GE8230 GPU. The basic configuration then provides 4GB of RAM e 64GB internal memory, expandable via microSD up to 1TB. The SoC is in line with the range to which the product belongs, consequently the performances are absolutely basic and limited; the startup times of the smartphone are notable, as well as opening applications or browsing. The gamingof course, it’s stripped down, it’s a smartphone to buy with the knowledge that performance they are not the maximum, but still reflect the expenditure incurred.

The unlock takes place via the sensor of the Fingerprints embedded on the on / off button, or by recognizing the 2D face. In both cases, the speed of access to the system is in line with expectations and the competition, without any particular defects or slowdowns.

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The trolley of SIM integrates 3 slotsdivided in 2 nano SIM and one microSD, to be used at the same time. Connectivity is instead represented by the 4G LTEas well as bluetooth 5.0, WiFi 802.11 ac dual band, GPS and NFC chip for mobile payments. L’audio it is mono, only it is exploited speaker lower, the maximum volume is sufficient, with detail and sharpness that they don’t stand out on the mass of smartphones on the market.

Camera, Operating System and Battery

The photographic sector consists of 4 sensors different, divided into a principal from 50 megapixels with F1.8 aperture and Quad Pixel technology, flanked by a ultra wide angle from 8 megapixels with F2.2 aperture and 118 degrees of viewing angle, ending with a 2MP for the bokeh effect with aperture F2.4 e macro from 2 megapixels with opening 2.4.

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In very bright conditions, the images are perfectly centered in the price range they belong to, in other words i details and the sharpness they are good all over the frame. THE colors they are well balanced, on some occasions they tend to over-saturation, but it rarely happens with one dynamic range sufficiently wide. Handling of strong lights generally works well, as does white balance. There surrenderas anticipated, it is balanced for the 200 euro range.

By reducing the general light, the digital noise shows itself immediately, with difficulty in avoiding the annoying blur that we see more and more often when smartphones do not integrate an optical stabilizer. THE details and the sharpness are sufficientwith colors perfectly balanced and in line with the framed scene, never too saturated or contrasted. The balancing of the white tends slightly to yellowish, without prejudice to being very faithful even in the management of strong lights. There is the night modewhich manages to increase the overall brightness, reducing noise, but with little more detail.

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THE video are logged in at most FullHD to 30fpsthe autofocus works discreetly in strong light conditions, a little less when the light starts to drop, quickly becoming nervous and “jerky”, despite being a detection of phase. There stabilization it is enough, recording a video while walking could be more difficult and complicated than you imagine, remembering however it is electronics only.

The operating system is Android 12with security patches updated to March 2022and the promise of updates timely for the next few years. The experience offered to users follows the so-called Android Stock, that is the software customizations implemented by Motorola are so small as to be almost nil, only the classic Moto Actions and the game space are added; navigation is fluid, free from lag or slowdowns of any kind. A great choice to succeed in streamline the “heaviness” of the execution of the system itself.

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There battery is a large component from 5000mAhwith fast charging for just 15 watts. The autonomy is excellent, you can think of using the product for 2/3 days before having to recharge, a duration that far exceeds all the competitors, and allows it to flow rightfully into the world of battery phone.

Motorola Moto G22: conclusions

In conclusion Motorola Moto G22 it is the perfect smartphone for users who want a terminal not too expensiveequipped with performance adequate to the price range, embellished with a display to 90Hzfrom NFC connectivity for mobile payments, as well as an above-average autonomy, and a refined design.

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The negative aspects are perhaps linked to the absence of 5G, but also to a photographic sector not top notch, and a battery that recharges alone 15 watts.

Motorola Moto G22

159 euros


Aesthetics and Design

8.0 / 10


8.0 / 10


7.0 / 10


8.0 / 10


8.0 / 10



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