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Moto Mods: among the new systems there is also a Mod for Amazon Alexa

Moto Mods: among the new systems there is also a Mod for Amazon Alexa

During the inaugural event at the Mobile World Congress Lenovo presented the new Moto Mods which directly expand the ecosystem of add-ins provided for the series of branded smartphones Moto Z.

Greater visibility has been given to a Mod that specifically allows you to manage the Amazon Alexa virtual assistant. The availability of the new component has been set at the end of the year in all countries that are part of the use of the service and will therefore make it possible to manage daily activities even on the move using the voice recognition system.

Through the smartphone and the new Mod we will be able to check the status of our Smart Home and make adjustments on the actuators such as those relating to internal temperatures as well as integrated video surveillance systems or even external services such as Uber.

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Next to the Moto Mod Amazon Alexa The one relating to the new rechargeable battery was also introduced, which offers an increase in autonomy equal to 50% compared to what is offered by the device. The peculiarity of this accessory is the fact that it does not create excessive bulk or aesthetic changes to the design of the terminal. Is called Moto Power Pack Mod and also integrates an automatic charging system able to keep the smartphone battery always at the highest level.

The company has foreseen the creation of components with different color values ​​to meet the aesthetic needs of all users, who will be able to benefit from them starting from next March 2017 at a cost of € 49.

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More Mods mode for wireless charging were also presented in the context of the Barcelona event as Turbo Charger systems on a proprietary pin for charging. But surely the most interesting add-in in this case is the Moto Gamepad Mod, able to transform the device into a real mobile gaming console complete with side physical buttons and integrated battery. It also has auxiliary memory that you can use to pre-load various games.

According to reports within the Conference, the idea of ​​modularity is enjoying considerable success at Lenovo, contrary to what happened to LG, which with its G6 has definitively slipped away from the trajectory by retracing its steps. Obviously, in the wake of this positive trend, further new products are expected that certainly will not fail to appear during this 2017.

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What do you think of these new introductions and the concept of mobile modularity? Feel free to leave us all your personal considerations in this regard and follow closely the developments of the event by tuning in through our channels. MWC 2017 still has a lot to offer. Don’t miss all the premieres. We are waiting for you.

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