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Microsoft will improve sound support

Microsoft will improve sound support

Support for the Universal Audio Architecture (UAA) initiative was announced today by Microsoft. This initiative will help provide Windows users with an improved sound experience as well as more and better sound device driver support and compatibility. Also, the Redmond company has announced the availability of the first version of the Microsoft High Definition Audio Class Driver -controller for high definition sound-, developed by Intel.

Through the UAA initiative, Microsoft is also providing a set of sound drivers for Windows based on other audio technologies, including USB and 1394.

The UAA initiative promoted by Microsoft aims at an experience for users defined as “it just works” (it just works) as well as improving sound quality on Windows-based computers. UAA, first announced at WinHEC 2002, was established not only to improve sound experiences, but also to reduce support costs, improve functionality and sound quality on PCs for current and future operating systems and save manufacturers time and resources.

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The main benefits of the collaboration between Microsoft and Intel for the creation of UAA mainly consist of the following:

-Installation of sound peripherals easier.

-Higher Performance: Minimal CPU time consumed during playback, while taking advantage of increased bandwidth.

-Sound without glitches.

-Ability to update the operating system while ensuring high-quality sound performance.

-More stable and secure sound for server applications.

-Less drivers and updates required, and less code to develop for drivers.