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Microsoft reveals more details about Longhorn


Microsoft reveals more details about Longhorn

The latest release date of the new operating system, baptized with the name “Longhorn”, is December 2006, the latest news we have about this new operating system is that it will be released with up to seven different versions, indeed, seven different versions, so the versions will be, the first, the so-called “Starter Edition”, which, as its name indicates, will be exclusive for all those users who start using the computer, the second will be called “Home”, the third “Premium/Media”, the fourth “Professional”, the fifth, “Small Businesses”, the sixth, “Mobility/Tablet PC and finally; the seventh, called “Ber”, this latest edition, will be a union of all the versions that we have mentioned, that is; of the six above.

We must not forget either the 64-bit processors, which will also have their version of Longhorn in 64 bits, both for the AMD 64 and for the Intel Opteron, being able to work with both 32-bit and 64-bit applications.

Windows Longhorn is going to be the new successor to Windows XP, it will be much safer as they say, since it will allow total control when browsing the Internet, once we start Explorer, we will enter a totally safe space, without affecting Not at all the rest of the system, thus giving themselves a kind of independence, affirm that their desire is to make it as invulnerable as possible.

It will also incorporate the new file system named WinFS, which thanks to it, finding information on your computer will be very easy, offering various ways to find the file, document, image that we want to find, in the Explorer a site has been added in which we will be able to search for those files from the browser, as for the images, these will not be shown through icons as in the current XP, but through small previews of those images.

Longhorn will be ready for the new Internet Protocol (IP) protocol, called Ipv6, which will allow more IP addresses.