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Microsoft researchers suggest the entire universe is a “self-taught computer”

Microsoft researchers suggest the entire universe is a “self-taught computer”

A team of theoretical physicists, working with Microsoft, believes that the entire Universe is a self-learning system of evolutionary laws. Their joint study argues that the laws that govern the Universe are an evolutionary learning system. Thus, the Universe is a computer and, instead of existing in a solid state, it perpetuates itself through a series of laws that change over time.

According to the researchers, the Universe functions as a learning system that invokes machine learning systems. Just as we have been able to teach machines to perform time distribution functions, that is, to learn, the laws of the Universe are essentially algorithms that work in the form of learning operations.

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Physicists suggest that the Universe did not start with a big Bangbut with a simple interaction between particles and allude to this humble origin by stating that “information architectures usually amplify the causal powers of very small collections of particles”.

“One implication is that, if the evolution of laws is real, it is likely to be one-way, because otherwise it would be common for laws to go back to previous states, perhaps even more likely to find a new state. This is because a new state is not accidental, but must meet certain restrictions, while the immediate past state has already satisfied the restrictions, ”the researchers wrote.

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This theory has consequences

According to scientists, if the Universe operates through a set of laws which, although initially simple, are self-taught and, therefore, capable of evolving over time, it could be impossible for man to unify Physics.

According to the study, the rules governing concepts such as the relativity they may have had different operational consequences from an operational point of view 13.8 billion years ago than they will have been 100 billion years from now. This means that “Physics” is a moving target.

Part of the theory seems to indicate that theUniverse is a computer that learns, in which the laws under which it is currently restricted were not registered at the outset. Therefore, we cannot reverse the Universe, as a process, because there is no internal verifiable record of its processes.

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Scientists explored ideas similar to research conducted by physicist Vitaly Vanchurin, according to which the Universe is a huge neural network. This study is available on the arXiv pre-publication platform.