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Microsoft prepares an Xbox 360 + HDDVD Bundle


Microsoft prepares an Xbox 360 + HDDVD Bundle

And I say double lace because the PS3 will not be ready for Christmas for any country in the world. 500,000 units that will be shared between the US and Japan are not even enough for the first queue of Japanese outside the shopping malls.

Microsoft not only has a console with increasingly mature and elaborate games, but also its hardware seems to be up to the final performance of the PS3. The fact that the PS3 does not even step on a single country in Europe until March 2007 gives Microsoft time to strengthen its product with another Christmas campaign where they will only be accompanied by the Nintendo Wii. And also introduce the HD-DVD in the world market through a USB reader added to the console that can also be used on any PC. HD-DVD will score a point in a battle as important or more important than that of the console sector itself.

Microsoft is preparing a combined HD-DVD player and Xbox 360 in addition to the player separately so that those who buy the complete set have an interesting set discount. The price of this version would be around €590, which is not a bargain either, but it will surely include a next-generation game that Microsoft dropped as a surprise for precisely the month of November. Now the question is whether Microsoft will be able to meet the demand for HD-DVD players or will they simply fall into the same problem as Sony of not having the capacity to produce these new technologies at a reasonable price.