Microsoft Messenger will “close” on March 15

Microsoft had already announced that it will abandon MSN Messenger, or Windows Live messenger, as it is currently known, and that it will transfer the entire instant messaging service, although keeping the current accounts, to Skype.

Now we know the exact date on which Microsoft’s most famous instant messaging service will no longer be accessible from Messenger, it will be the March 15 this year 2013date on which if we want to continue using the service we must access from Skype. It will be possible to continue using the service from the usual messenger account, just by logging into Skype with the same account and password we will have the entire messaging service active, or it is even possible to merge it with another Skype account if we already had one, something quite useful, especially to maintain contacts.

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Remember that it has been possible for quite some time to connect to the Messenger network from Skype, the messaging and VoIP client acquired by Microsoft relatively recently. Be that as it may, it seems that after years of insufferable chains, the messenger will finally closealthough not for not forwarding the annoying messages to 10 contacts.