Microsoft lifts controversial restrictions on its Xbox One

It was the most criticized and commented after the official presentation of the new Xbox One, the need for an Internet connection at least every 24 hours to play any game and the impossibility of lending or selling second-hand games without exhaustive control by the distribution companies. After countless reviews around the world and seeing as its main competitor, Sony’s PlayStation 4, it did not have any type of restriction in that regard, Microsoft has backed down and has ensured that it definitively eliminates these restrictions.

Therefore, heThe games may be loaned, sold and used in the same way that it was done with the Xbox 360, that is, without any type of restriction. In the same way, no internet connection required to play to the games that we have installed on the console, whether in physical format or with digital download, and to put the icing on the cake, the region restriction is removed.

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It is not very common to see companies, and less the size of Microsoft backing down on these types of decisions, but this time it was a very necessary move if they wanted to compete face to face with the Sony alternative.