Microsoft integrates Android deeper into Windows 11 to manage apps like on your phone

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We already knew that Microsoft’s goal is to make it very easy to manage Android applications on Windows. today it takes a big step by bringing Android 12.1 and other Windows 11 improvements. It shortens the path between Google and Microsoft OS.

The distances between Windows and Android are shortened

This version of Android 12.1 is integrated so that when it is in Windows it seems as if we were with the same mobile. That is to say, improvements related to cameras and another series of elements that unify the two systems are included.

In fact, through the edge, the Windows subsystem for Android has been updated, although at the moment it can only be tested by Insiders. The main virtue and focus of this update is that it is becoming easier to manage with mobile applications.

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Android 12L

the free android

It is really the version of Android 12L, the one dedicated to tablets and folding, that is being tested. funny that if you were an insider you would be testing a version that only Google Pixels can test.

Two important things about this update, announced from the Microsoft blog: the App messages will appear as Windows notifications and the taskbar will show if an app is accessing the location or the microphone.

Link to Windows

the free android

Another of the great novelties is the unification of all the Android settings in Windows 11 to facilitate their management. And another advantage, improvements are included to access the PC camera so we will see important experiences.

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Now, we are facing a version in an early stage of development, so there is nothing left but patience until it can be achieved in a new final update of Windows 11.

Windows 11 and Android 12L represent a joint experience for users between their mobiles and their PCs, so there is a lot of desire to have it soon.

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