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Microsoft could develop its own antivirus

Microsoft could develop its own antivirus

According to a press release by Microsoft, the Redmond giant has signed a definitive agreement to acquire both the intellectual rights and the software technology resources of the Romanian company CeCAD Software, known for the creation of the antivirus “RAV Antivirus”.

It is also known of the agreement carried out with large important antivirus companies such as “Network Associates” known for Mcafee antivirus and “Trend Micro” with the intention of creating the “Virus Information Alliance” that will be in charge of delivering considerable information on codes Viruses and Internet threats.

Therefore, it is conceivable, according to analysts, that Microsoft intends to remove the fame of the insecurity of its products and advance in favor of its “Trustworky Computing” initiative.

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Microsoft assures that its purpose is none other than to use the newly acquired technology to implement antivirus support in its Windows operating system. Thus, in this way, it will help its clients to reinforce their platform and be able to increase their security to some extent.

As part of this initiative, Microsoft is committed to working and collaborating with other Antivirus Software companies as well as supporting third-party antivirus vendors so that they can offer their customers reliable products with understandable levels of protection against viruses.