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Microplasty in the lungs of living people: a new finding


Microplasty in the lungs of living people: a new finding

It now seems that the microplastic can be found everywhere in man. It has been seen in the blood, in the placenta of pregnant women and now, apparently for the first time, the aforementioned particles have also been found in the lung tissue of people alive. A particularly disturbing situation also because the possible long-term effects of foreign particles are not known.

The find was made after some patients were asked who already had to undergo lung surgery to take some tissue for analysis. Out of 13 patients examined, traces of microplastic were found in 11 of them. With these numbers it becomes easy to imagine that in all of us there are actually quantities of these fragments somewhere.

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Microplasty also in human lungs

The microplastic fragments found have essentially the same origin as the other finds in a person’s body as they are their own the most common at a general level. There is talk of fragments that were once part of the plastic of bottles, packaging or clothes. Among other things, the dimensions were so tiny that the biggest surprise was to find them in the lower part of the lung tissue which has its own smaller access routes.

As mentioned, now it should be understood if the presence of microplastics can contribute to birth of new pathologies or if they can help the appearance of other known ones. Research on this cannot tell us much at present, but the aims of reaching an acceptable answer will continue, as will the findings.