MetallicGear shows two of its new designs at CES with a customizable LED front

Phanteks has brought some boxes of its own under the Eclipse range, but its sub-brand MetallicGear has made us see that the brand has new styles in terms of boxes, bringing us two new models that appear with a front inspired by the Mac Pro for superior acoustic performance and another model with a fully customizable LED front, similar to the proposal we saw from InWin.

MetallicGear NEO Pro

On the one hand we have MetallicGear NEO Pro, a box with a design “inspired” by the new Apple Mac Pro that optimizes the front surface of the box to improve the acoustic performance of this without penalizing airflow, something always interesting as we saw yesterday with the Phanteks Eclipse.

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Inside we find support for E-ATX motherboards with a maximum width of 280mm, support for radiators liquid cooling up to 280mm long at the front and top, and 2 3.5” bays accompanied by 3 slots for 2.5” SSD drives.

The MetallicGear NEO Pro will be available in March 2020 at a price of €59.90.

MetallicGear NEO Matrix

The other model that we have been able to see by this sub-brand is the MetallicGear NEO Matrix, a box with a flat front design that has an LED matrix inside, as we could see in the InWin 309. This matrix, fully customizable via software, is the manufacturer’s definitive solution to provide us with a totally unique style.

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This box shares structure with the Neo Pro, so we continue to have support for E-ATX motherboards up to 280mm in diameter broad and two 280mm long radiators in the front and top areas, as well as the same support for storage units.

The MetallicGear NEO Matrix will be available in March at a price of 99.90 euros.