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Lucid dreams: a new, more realistic way to induce them

Lucid dreams: a new, more realistic way to induce them

Make gods lucid dreams it is not for everyone and apparently only half of the world population manages to experience them. For years several groups of researchers have tried to find a valid method to induce them, but it often happened that the methods found worked rarely and on a few individuals, such as the use of statistical noises and sensory deprivation. A theme ofUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison seems to have found a more viable way.

In this round, very specific chemicals were used to induce lucid dreams acetylconesterase inhibitors, or even more simply known by the acronym AChEls. The neurotransmitter is used to modulate the sub REM so the connection was substantially immediate after some studies. In fact, the study in question used a drug used against Alzheimer’s disease that serves this purpose.

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Lucid dreams with an Alzheimer’s drug

When administering the drug in question a 121 volunteers from the study, in combination with the use of techniques known precisely for the induction of lucid dreams, there have been numerous episodes whose number increased more and more following the increase in dosage. Participants went to sleep after administration, woke up after a few hours to practice MILD techniques and then they went back to bed and after a while they were realized.

The researchers put it: “This combined protocol resulted in a total of 69 out of 121 participants (57%) successfully having lucid dreaming on at least one out of two nights with an active dose of galantamine. This protocol is one of the most effective methods of inducing lucid dreams known to date and promises to make that experience available to a wider population. This new method finally has the success rate we need to be able to properly conduct lucid dreaming research. “