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Long-Covid: Symptoms may depend on the contracted variant


Long-Covid: Symptoms may depend on the contracted variant

As we have seen since the beginning of the pandemic they are Several variants of Covid-19 emerged and a new study has suggested that any of these variants can lead to several lasting symptoms. The researchers found that individuals who were infected with the Alpha variantthey showed more emotional and neurological symptoms compared to the original virus.

The study was conducted in Italy, thanks to a collaboration between the University of Florence and Careggi and is based on the analysis of over 400 patientstreated after outpatient infection between 2020 and 2021. This is the period when the Alpha variant was the dominant variant worldwide, affecting millions of people.

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Long-Covid, the symptoms depend on the different types of variants

According to the results at least three quarters of the patients studied reported at least one persistent symptom. The most persistent symptoms reported are shortness of breath, chronic fatigue. In addition to these, sleep, brain fog and problems have been found visual problems. This analysis also suggested that individuals with severe cases who needed immunosuppressive drugs, they were six times more likely to report Long-Covid symptoms. Additionally, those who were treated with long-flow oxygen had 40% more long-carrier symptoms.

A further factor highlighted by the study is that women are twice as likely to report Long-Covid symptoms than men. The study authors also reported that people with type 2 diabetes appear to have a lower risk of developing Long-Covid. However, further studies are needed to better understand this new discovery. After a thorough evaluation of all Long-Covid symptoms, the researchers found a substantial change in the patterns of neurological and emotional / cognitive problems that have highlighted patients since the beginning of the pandemic.

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Do more to support the protection of these patients

Ever since the Alpha variant became the dominant strain, the prevalence of body aches, brain fog, anxiety and depression all increased dramatically, while loss of taste and smell and hearing problems had become less common. Many of the symptoms reported in this study were measured, but this is the first time they are linked to different variants of Covid-19. The long duration and wide range of symptoms remind us that the problem is not going away and that we need to do more for it support and protect these patients in the long term. Future research should focus on the potential impacts of variants of concern and vaccination status on ongoing symptoms.

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It is absolutely clear that the different variants have different capabilities. Clearly, some of them are more contagious and some are capable of causing more serious diseases. Likewise, some variants have a greater fondness for different age groups, so it’s no surprise that there may also be differences in Long-Covid between the variants.

Image by PIRO4D from Pixabay