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Long Covid: 4 factors discovered that can increase the possibility

Long Covid: 4 factors discovered that can increase the possibility

One of the great mysteries of Long Covid is to understand who is more prone and who is less. Some people are more likely than others to experience physical, neurological, or cognitive symptoms that may emerge or persist for months after their Covid-19 infections have resolved. Now a new study has identified 4 Biological Factors That Could Help Predict Whether A Person Will Develop Long Covid.

These factors could be identified early in a person’s Covid-19 infection which appeared to correlate with an increased risk of having lasting symptoms weeks later. The researchers claimed that there is a correlation between these factors and Long Covid regardless of whether the infection is severe or mild.

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Long Covid, 4 factors could increase the possibility

They said the findings might suggest ways to prevent or treat some cases of Long Covid, including the ability to give people antiviral drugs soon after an infection is diagnosed. It is the first real solid attempt to devise some biological mechanisms for Long Covid. Obviously the results are exploratory and they need to be verified by more searches. Each of these factors is biologically plausible and each is actionable. If these pathways are confirmed, we clinicians can actually design interventions to improve people.

One of the four factors identified by the researchers is the level of coronavirus RNA in the blood at the onset of infection, an indicator of viral load. Another is the presence of some auto antibodies that mistakenly attack the body’s tissues as they do in conditions like lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. A third factor is the reactivation of the Epstein-Barr virus, a virus that infects most people, often when they are young, and then usually goes dormant. The last factor is the type 2 diabetes although it could be one of several medical conditions that increase the risk of Long Covid.

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Auto antibodies are the most influential factor

This research underscores the importance of taking measurements early in the course of the disease to understand how to treat patients, although we don’t yet know how we will use all of this information. 37% of patients had reported three or more symptoms of long Covid two to three months after infection. A further 24% reported one or two symptoms and 39% reported no symptoms. Of patients who reported three or more symptoms, 95% had one or more of the four biological factors identified in the study when he was diagnosed with Covid-19.

The most influential factor appeared to be auto antibodies, which were associated with two-thirds of Long Covid cases. Each of the other three factors occurred in about a third of cases, he said, and there was considerable overlap, with several factors being identified in some patients. The faster the virus can be eliminated, the less likely it is to develop persistent viruses or self immunity, which can lead to Long Covid.

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Image by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay