LG G7 Sound Problems (Solved)

In case you are watching a movie or driving your car, the sound gives you information about the things that happen around you. Sound, as a general rule, serves us, humans, 2 primary purposes: communication and signaling. Hence, it is essential that our LG G7 has sounds, so that we have the possibility to be communicated effectively, and to signal us at the moment when someone is communicating with.

A huge number of LG G7 owners were blaming for fraud prior to the audio of their LG G7. These volume and audio jitters are extraordinarily detectable the moment you call a colleague of yours or receive a call from that colleague, which of course is silly, because you miss the point of having a listenable discussion with someone.

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RecomHub today is going to give you certain resolutions for Audio / Volume issues on your LG G7. However, if you managed to do each and every one of the standards shown now, and still witness these inconveniences, it is preferable that you go back to the company that gave you the acquisition and ask for a replacement unit, while that still covers the warranty. Right now, let’s proceed with the steps to fix the audio / volume issue on your LG G7. Please do it carefully to maximize its effects.

  • First of all, the father of each and every one of the fixes in each and every one of the issues that are related to all kinds of capable phones, cleaning the cache or deleting the cache of your LG G7. Implement it on your phone and this will solve the problem, entering those that you have not yet checked. If you want to know the steps to carry it out, check out this article on how to clean the cache of the LG G7.
  • Next, put your LG G7 in the perfect restore mode and each and every issue will be resolved, especially if an imperfect application is causing volume issues.
  • Third, the Bluetooth function of your LG G7 may also be at the Volume / Audio drawback of your phone. What you should do is turn off the Bluetooth connection and also try to restart the phone. When you return, check if the problem has been resolved.
  • Fourth, consider that dirt, debris or dust could have entered the speaker of your LG G7. To fix the Audio issue on your LG G7, all you have to do is clean it with compressed air and also try to play a sound on your LG G7 to test it.
  • In the end, turn off your LG G7. After doing this, remove the SIM card and put it back in after a minute
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