Let’s stop receiving nuisance calls when we turn on Do Not Disturb mode on iPhone

In the Do Not Disturb mode of our iPhone we should not receive calls or notifications, but this is not always the case. Depending on the settings we have applied to this focus mode, we may still receive some notifications and, in particular, calls. Fortunately, it is a matter of changing some settings, let’s see which ones.

A Do Not Disturb mode, but really

In iOS 15 and iPadOS 15, Apple has substantially updated notification handling. With the advent of focus modes, Do Not Disturb mode gained a fair amount of options with which to customize what notifications could come through even with it turned on. We don’t want to receive none This is what we can do.

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First we access the Do Not Disturb mode settings. We’ll do it in the app. Adjust by going into Focus Modes and then Do Not Disturb. Once here we must pay attention to the Allowed notifications section because this is where we configure the exceptions of applications and people that can contact us during this mode.

The first thing we are going to do is touch people and make sure you leave only the essential ones or none at all. The call from option is very important here, where by default those from the contacts that we have in Favorites are allowed. to avoid that we play in favorites and select Nobody.

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But there is more we must uncheck Allow repetition of calls, Otherwise, anyone who calls us twice in less than 3 minutes will make our phone ring. An option, on the other hand, that we may want to keep active to be available for any urgent communication.

After this, within Notifications allowed we will touch on applications. Here, as before, we will eliminate all those that we do not want to be able to send us notifications. In addition, also very important, we are going to uncheck Important, since this allows applications that are not on the list to send us urgent notifications.

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That’s it. While we await improvements in the form of more tweaks and customizations in iOS 16, thanks to this setting Do Not Disturb mode will prevent us from receiving notifications, of any kind. Thus, if we really want to disconnect from any notification, we can simply say “Hey Siri, activate Do Not Disturb mode” and that’s it.