Leaked an Intel Raptor Lake with 24 cores along with an Intel Arc A770 on UserBenchmark

A new filtration has revealed a new Intel processor with 24 coresworking together with a graphics card Intel Arc A770. We have been able to see the leak on the UserBenchmark website in which this Intel processor has been recognized as a Next Generation Raptor Lake with a total of 24 cores divided into 8 high performance and 16 high efficiency, with a total of 32 execution threads. Base speed is 2.4 GHz and can go up up to 4.6GHzfigures well below expectations as it is a test unit.

On the same computer has been found installed a Intel Arc A770 graphics card high end. Intel Arc cards for desktops are yet to come, and for laptops we’ve only seen the entry-level Intel Arc A3 range, none of the higher-end A7 series. Despite being one of the most powerful models, it has been recognized as an integrated card of only 1 GB with a performance that does not correspond to the model.

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Along with this configuration have been installed 32GB of DDR5 RAMbut with a speed of only 4800MHz, the Intel Raptor Lake is expected to include a higher base memory speed as the AMD Ryzen 7000 will do compared to the Intel Alder Lake. The Intel Raptor Lake are expected towards the end of this 2022along with the new AMD Ryzen 7000.