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Le Syvrac: here is the Smart bike with 4GB of Ram

Le Syvrac: here is the Smart bike with 4GB of Ram

For some time now, the number of Chinese companies capable of surprising and of draw global attention grows more and more and among these we also find LeEco. This company has in fact developed one of the most fun and extravagant products on the market, that is, the first bike in the world equipped with 4GB of Ram.

The name of the bike is “Le Syvrac” and in some respects it can be defined as a Smartphone with wheels. In fact, the Syvrac is half a normal bicycle (with excellent characteristics) and the other half an Android device.

A android software and a display from 5.5 inches embedded in the handlebar. The whole is powered by a 4 Gigabyte Ram Quad-core processor.

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Also in the The Syvracs were also incorporated laser pointers, a heart rate sensor, an integrated speaker and camera.

This Android phone is also equipped with two wheels!

The union between technology and sport took place a long time ago, even in the world of cycling, just think of the various helmets equipped with cameras, etc. Gadgets lately “Technological-cycle” they are growing in number and more and more famous brands are introducing new devices; Such as Acer which has launched a camera designed solely for this sport on the market.

LeEco introduced in its Le Syvrac many of these devices. So much so that this Chinese company has built a laser pointer capable of signaling the safety distance to the cars (through lines on the asphalt) to keep towards the cyclist. In addition, an efficient integrated alarm system has been added and compatibility with Android applications capable of tracing the path traveled even when offline.

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Here is a short video showing the main features of this fabulous High tech bike:

Currently, this fantastic bike is already on sale in the Chinese markets with a very diversified price range, in fact it goes from 800 dollars for the basic model up to 6000 dollars for the carbon one.

Furthermore, LeEco’s willingness to introduce Le Syvrac in the US market within the next year, even if no information has yet been released about the arrival date of this smart-bike in the old continent and we just have to wait for some more information from the Chinese company.

Would you like to own this smart bike? Do you have any suggestions on some extra accessories that should be included? Let us know with your comments!