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Is this the type of UPS you should buy for your gaming PC?


Is this the type of UPS you should buy for your gaming PC?

UPS, also called SAI (uninterrupted feeding system) I am quite common in offices and workplaces. Unfortunately, most users do not have one of these devices that can save many problems. We will see the types that there are (above) and which one you should have at home.

What types of UPS are there?

When we look for Sais, everyone seems more or less equal or similar boxes, changing power and size, and little else. The really important thing about these systems is inside the box. There are three main types of UPS and each one has different properties and uses. While all three types are intended as backups for when the power goes out, they offer additional protections for users.

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Before we must say that we are going to identify the two types of circuits that integrate. The main and the load. How important we will understand the circuit that does not go through the batteries. Meanwhile the load is the circuit is used to load batteries and the one that will feed the system if there is a light cut.


These are the most basic and easy. Its main circuit is direct, it lacks any filter or voltage stabilization system. When there is a voltage loss, you will go to the load circuit, without more.


Also known as In-Line, it has an intermediate protection in the main circuit. They have a voltage regulator. That “clean it,” so to speak. Ensures that the voltage is as close as possible at 230 V and there is no noise. When we have an electric decrease, the load circuit will be activated.

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These are a bit complex, but those that can offer the best characteristics and abilities. As the main circuit we have a double conversion system, which transforms AC into DC and then transforms it through an inverter, back into AC. The charging circuit is exclusive to the main circuit.

Batteries output has a DC to DC rectifier to adjust the voltage to the investor. Therefore, the charging circuit does not offer the voltage directly when there is an electrical drop, it passes through the last stage of the main circuit.

These systems integrate a special circuit called Bypass. If a problem is detected in the main or loading circuit, this mode will be activated so that we continue to have energy.

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What is the type of UPS I should buy

To connect it to our PC, either the one we use to play or to telework, the interactive line ups are better. These filters that they integrate make the voltage that arrives be of better quality and can extend the life of our power supply. They are more expensive than the off-line, but they are worth it for the additional security you are offering

Those disconnected are not very interesting, being able to use them for common appliances as television. They are simply for if we have an accidental cut, be able to turn off the device safely. We do not recommend it for gaming computers or that we use to work.

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Finally, the online are reserved exclusively for servers, critical computer facilities and the like. These are usually quite expensive since they use high quality and precision electronic systems. Therefore, they are not interesting for domestic use.