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iPhone XS Max versus Galaxy S10 +: Will the batteries be top too?

iPhone XS Max versus Galaxy S10 +: Will the batteries be top too?

Every year, Apple And Samsung become protagonists of a sort of “arms race“, challenging each other each other with their own top of the range. Every September, Apple launches his new line of iPhone and in general raise the bar performance of smartphones through a series of innovations. A few months later, Samsung responds with a new line of Galaxy.

A head to head increasingly on equal terms

To date, the gap in terms of performance between iPhone and Galaxy models it’s not that sharp as in the past, but that does not mean that there are no differences significant that they deserve to be highlighted. One of the wait most important of a smartphone is the battery lifealso considered the time that we spend with eyes pointed on our devices everyday.

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Logic consequence is that an improvement even minimal battery it can affect a lot on the choices ofuser about to to change smartphone. The YouTube channel PhoneBuff experienced how theiPhone XS Max and the Galaxy S10 + behave about the duration battery. Considering in fact the battery life advertised by Apple and Samsung on their websitesit is not uncommon for the duration effective of the same face to register values much lower.

Are the promises of Apple and Samsung kept?

For to test the advertised values, PhoneBuff conducted a simple testin which iPhone XS Max and Galaxy S10 + came used during the arch of the day for the normal administration. It is a testing ground perfect to check if Apple and Samsung have kept their promises. As a starting point, you have to keep in mind that XS Max boasts a 3,174 mAh battery while S10 + boasts a 3100 mAh batterytherefore already basic values slightly lower.

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The test considered some daily activities which generally take place with one smartphone, including making one phone call 1 hour, send messages text, consult the e-mail inbox and similar. At the end of the daythe iPhone threw in the towel a little earlier of the Galaxy S10 + but it is anyway managed to stay perfectly efficient for about 24 hours with a single charge; the S10 +on the other hand, he managed to stay switched on for almost 25 hoursovercoming albeit slightly the life of the iPhone.