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iPhone SE 3 will not arrive before the second half of 2021

iPhone SE 3 will not arrive before the second half of 2021

iPhone SE may be one of the most amazing Apple devices ever. Highly demanded by customers, it has achieved excellent sales results thanks to its compact design and latest generation chip. Of course, the company will release a new generation. The well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had predicted, a few months ago, the arrival of the new generation in the first months of 2021. In a note published by himself in the past few hours, he decided to turn around. Here because.

Although full-screen smartphones are now in fashion, the iPhones SE of 2020 still managed to triumph. Most likely, a big part of the credit goes to the low price (€ 499) that is hardly seen at Apple. The new generation will bring even more news to the field. However, we will have to wait a little longer before seeing it.

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iPhone SE 3: Kuo talks about a Plus version

The analyst seems to have clear ideas about the future of the Cupertino entry-level smartphone. According to reports, this will arrive on the field no earlier than second half of 2021. The motivation lies in the production of some components, in particular those of the camera. It seems, in fact, that suppliers will be fully committed to fulfilling orders for future iPhones 13. This will delay the arrival of the new SEs.

At the moment there is no information regarding what could be the characteristics of the new generation. Kuo talked about the arrival of one “Plus” version from higher dimensions. According to the chip, it is very likely that they will mount the new one A14 Bionic. Look forward to all updates on this.

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Ph. Credit: Apple.it