iPhone: Here are some tips to extend battery life

There battery life of our iPhone runs out too quickly? The days when the fear of losing touch with the world in the middle of the day may be over us; here are some ways to keep it alive longer the battery of our trusty smartphone. In fact, there are some simple tricks which can also greatly improve battery life.

Our iPhone’s battery could last much longer with proper background app management

Let’s start with the closing of background app. Do not close unused applications using the appropriate function on the iPhone is a habit that in the long run and could damage our cellphone. Apple, on the other hand, reassures users by claiming that an app left open is not capable of damaging anything, if it is not found “blocked“. “When recently used apps are displayed, the apps stay in standby mode to help us navigate and multitask, ”Apple explained.

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To think that the closed apps are still running it is somewhat reassuring, giving us the feeling of not having lost anything of what we were doing. But in reality they remain “frozen” in the iPhone, without requiring a additional expenditure of energy. Fortunately, the iPhone has a built-in dedicated tool that allows us to find out exactly which app they are draining the battery.

The energy saving mode could be a fundamental ally to get to the end of the day with the phone still on

If an app shows a percentage higher than 20% next to it, this would mean that it has run out one fifth of the battery since it opened. So even though we spent very little time on an app but it turns out the most usedit means that it is in all probability a “battery-killer“. This section also divides the time the app was running in the background.

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Another important solution for to save money precious energy is a wise use of Energy saving mode, which disables functions that require significant amounts of power. Unfortunately, enabling this mode can result in the Suspension of certain mobile apps and features, with all consequences that this entails. “When Power Saving Mode is on your iPhone will last longer before it needs to be recharged, but some features may be slow down“Explains Apple.