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iPhone charger: why is it the most sought after accessory?

iPhone charger: why is it the most sought after accessory?

He iPhone 12 has already been presented and revealed a fundamental novelty for its consumers: it is the first apple model that does not come with a charger without headphones.

Following this news, many have already started searching and researching where they can buy a replacement accessory that works for this new smartphone.

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However, from Apple they understand that taking the charger What is 70% smaller, as a consequence and the headphones have several benefits.

Among the most important:

The firm also decided to unify criteria in this regard and the same decision will apply to the rest of its current phones: iPhone SE, iPhone 11 and iPhone XR.

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What benefits does such an exclusion bring? Mainly, it is an ecological commitmentBy eliminating these elements, the extraction of materials used to manufacture them is reduced and carbon dioxide emissions are reduced.

How to charge an iPhone without a charger

Without the possibility of a charger To plug it in, Apple supplies a USB-C to Lightning cable that can be connected to a port with the same characteristics (USB-C).

Of course: in order not to run out of battery, a power adapter will be necessary. Also, never forget that to charge an iPhone you must have a charger of the same brand.

There is also the possibility of using a portable external battery, which can be charged in advance. Most of them are already pre-loaded and then used with a USB cable. Always make sure it is compatible with iPhones. These types of chargers are sold online on sites like Amazon and eBay.

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A third alternative, although more in line with life outdoors, is to buy a charger that works with solar or wind energy, although both have been linked to weather conditions.

iPhone: 5 elements that were eliminated to take care of the planet

Five items were removed from the components of Apple phones, according to the company. These are:

1 – Beryllium: a relatively rare material on Earth, in most cases it turns out to be a radioactive element. In addition, according to the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), it is a carcinogenic element.

2 – Mercury: due to its toxic capacity, this metallic chemical element has been eliminated from thermometers and barometers.

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3 – Arsenic: present in many of the chips and the glass of the screens, it is extremely toxic; however, users are not at risk, but those who use this element in industrial processes.

4 – Brominated flame retardants: although it is true that they can prevent electronic devices from igniting, there are studies that refer to their toxicity and polluting capacity.

5 – PVC: surely there is no consensus on the dangers of its use, some environmental organizations say that it is a toxic compound for people, especially for those who work in the manufacture of PVC objects.