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iPhone and iPad crash: beware of the “No iOS Zone” vulnerability

iPhone and iPad crash: beware of the “No iOS Zone” vulnerability

A security bug of Wifi connectivity on iPhone and iPad can cause the latter to crash: the vulnerability is called “No iOS Zone”.

A report claims that Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 8, would present a new security vulnerability on Wifi connectivity; this problem is called “No iOS Zone”And is so called because it causes the continuous crash / reboot of iPhones and iPads, or of the applications installed on the latter, which use a malicious external hotspot that can take advantage of this flaw.

In a nutshell, users who connect to a Wifi connection created specifically to exploit this flaw will find themselves in a completely unusable device due to all the reboots and system crashes caused: the only solution is to move away from the hotspot in so that you no longer receive the signal, otherwise the phone will continue to be attacked.

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The iPhones and iPads subject to the “No iOS Zone” suffer system crashes and reboots because the malicious hotspot sends a series of data via Wifi to the phone or tablet of the Cupertino company that manipulates the SSL protection certificates, forcing a ” denial of service ”which causes crashes of applications and iOS 8.

IT experts from SkyCure, Adi Sharabani and Yair Amit, during the RSA conference in San Francisco stated that this “No iOS Zone” vulnerability has not yet been really exploited, as there have not yet been concrete cases of attacks by this kind, but they predict that in the future this could also happen.

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Obviously the two computer experts have reported everything to Apple which is already working with the latter to solve this vulnerability as soon as possible, which we repeat fortunately has not yet been exploited by malicious parties.

The SkyCure company has also released a video showing the harmful potential of the security vulnerability of Wifi connectivity on iOS 8, which can cause the continuous crash of all applications in use on an iPhone or iPad subject to the “NO iOS Zone”.

Another video shows the continuous reboot of the iPhone smartphone subject to the “No iOS Zone”, as you can see for yourself from the video it is impossible to reuse the phone and the only possible solution without a fix from Apple is to get away from the malicious hotspot.

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